Literacy focus has been a goal, and even though the summer has started, we wanted to remind everyone that a key component is reading with each other. This is an example of first graders, from Mrs. Fisher's class, meeting with second graders to share their words of wisdom for Mrs. Ler's second grade. The first grade interviewed Ms. Ler's second graders, and after our conversations, they feel ready for second grade!
about 1 month ago, Huntley Project School District
two students sitting near some desks and rubber toys on a shelf
students all sitting around the floor reading worksheets
two students standing at a desk reading papers while two students sit on the ground
student sitting on the ground switching her legs around while reading
two young students talking to each other sitting in chairs, from behind
students sitting on the floor around the room with backpacks and coats in the left corner
students sitting between desks  looking at sheets and the camera
students sitting on the ground on a colorful square mat with worksheets
two students next to a terrarium working on worksheets
students sitting around with worksheets on their laps