Mission Statement

It is the function of Huntley Project School District #24 to:

  • assure an appropriate learning experience to all its children in the development of skills and attitudes fundamental in achieving individual satisfaction as responsible and contributing citizens. The School District shall strive to provide the opportunities to each student to realize their full potential. These opportunities will not be limited to the confines of the recognized educational day or facility, but the District will also strive to enhance and establish a community environment which will encourage the overall learning experience.

The District will adhere to Sub-Chapter 8 [Educational Opportunity] of the Montana School Accreditation Standards.

Legal Reference: Sub-Chapter 8 Mont. Accreditation Standards--Educational Opportunity

  1. School Climate

  2. Equity

  3. Access

  4. Gifted and Talented

  5. Special Education

Policy History: Adopted on October 16, 1996