Welcome to the HP Tech Center. This page will give you links to documents that will aide teachers and students working with technology. We hope you find answers to your questions for a variety of topics such as How do I start a new quarter in Schoolmaster? How can I search for a topic on the Internet? How do I set up a document camera? How do I troubleshoot my Promethean board?

Technology Resources

We have provided quick links to our Visions login for employee leave; our help desk to report a computer problem; a user’s guide to our voicemail system; login information to Discovery Learning, etc.

Help Desk for Tech Support

Additional Free Software

  • ArtRage2—create artwork/paintings that look like real pencil, crayon, charcoal drawings and oil paintings

  • Audacity—create audio tracks, tape your voice for narration or a band can record their music

  • Geogebra—create interactive graphing, equations, and geometry math problems

  • Gimp—Similar to Photoshop, photo editor

  • Hot Potatoes—online quizzes, clos activities, cross word puzzles

  • Juice—cross platform podcast receiver, sync your podcasts and music to your mp3 player

  • Nvu—Webpage/html editor

  • Picasa, photo editor from Google

  • Pdf Creator—create pdfs from anything: documents, spreadsheets, webpages

  • Photo Story 3—Make Show and Tell Cool Again—creates video from still photos, create music to accompany it.

Google Documents can be Found here.

FAQ's can be located here.